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BLACK LIVES MATTER.Social media has played a huge role in informing each other, organizing our communities, creating social awareness, and bringing justice. We hope to keep the stories shared from the protests following the murder of George Floyd relevant through our dynamic timeline, and make collections of informative posts accessible in our growing resources grid. Contributions to our collection can be made down below.Warning: Contains graphic content, such as violence and blood.
May 26th:
Day one starts in Minneapolis

The protests begin following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis
May 29th:
Photojournalist covering the George Floyd protests gets shot in the eye by U.S. security forces

Guardian photojournalist Linda Tirado was shot in the eye at a George Floyd protest, and has since lost sight in that eye.
May 30th:
Residents are shot at with paint canisters for being on their porch

The National Guard and Minneapolis Police sweep a residential street. A police officer yells, "Light em up!" before they are shot with paint canisters.
May 31st:
Two men are shot at for standing

Two men are standing in the street with a group of police at the other end. The two men continue to stand as the police start to advance forward, when the police begin shooting at them.
June 1st:
Peaceful protesters tear gassed in Richmond, VA

A group of peaceful protesters gathered at the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, VA were tear gassed after raising their arms and begging the police not to shoot.
June 1st:
Police turn to violence on protesters for Trump's photo op

Peaceful protesters gathered near the White House, and were shot at, tear gassed, and shoved in order to clear a path for Trump's photo op at St. John's Church.
June 1st:
Protesters in New Zealand perform the Haka in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Haka, a traditional Polynesian dance that displays strength and unity, is performed at a protest in New Zealand.
June 2nd:
APD officers destroy medical supplies

A medic tent run by EMTs and doctors was destroyed by police in Asheville, NC.
June 2nd:
Protesters demonstrate George Floyd's final moments

Protesters lie down in the position George Floyd was in, as they listen to his last words.
June 2nd:
Police release tear gas and flash grenades on peaceful protesters

Protestors chant, "We don't see no riot here. Take off your riot gear." to the police on the other side of a barricade. Soon after, the police spray them with tear gas and throw flash bangs into the crowd.
June 2nd:
LAPD fires rubber bullets at teenagers in a drive-by

As a group of teenagers walk down a street, a cop car pulls into the intersection and begins shooting at them with rubber bullets.
June 4th:
An elderly man is shoved to the ground by police and starts bleeding

After approaching police who are dressed in riot gear, an elderly man is shoved to the ground, falls backwards, hits his head, and starts bleeding out.
June 4th:
LAPD officers strike protesters with batons

LAPD officers, equipped with riot gear, strike protestors.
June 11th:
People cheer as Breonna's Law is passed

The Louisville city council unanimously passed "Breonna's Law", which bans no-knock warrants. It was named after Breonna Taylor, who was shot to death while she was asleep during a police raid in her apartment.
June 16th:
Police stand by and watch as a peaceful protester gets punched in the head

A peaceful protester is surrounded by people chanting "USA" in his face, as police stand by. When they get punched in the head, they turn to the cop and say, "Sir, I've just been punched in the back of the head.", while the cops continue to stand by and watch.
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